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An office manager scolding another employee for whistleblowing

Hackensack, NJ, is home to thousands of businesses, some of which engage in dishonest practices. If you have revealed the unethical practices of a Hackensack business and been met with retaliation, it’s important to seek representation from a reputable employment lawyer.

Don’t let corrupt businesses get away with infringing your employment rights. Our Hackensack employment law attorneys have decades of experience protecting the rights of employees. Contact our whistleblower retaliation lawyers today to schedule a free consultation to learn about your legal options.

Retaliation in the Workplace

When you witness something illegal or unethical in your workplace, state and federal laws protect your right to reveal that information to the proper authorities. You cannot legally be terminated due to your well-meaning actions.

Despite this, whistleblower retaliation is common. And while there are legal protections for whistleblowers, they are often poorly defended by the state or federal government, meaning you could face repercussions for doing something within your legal rights.

While the most common way a company retaliates against an employee is by firing them, this isn’t always the approach. Even though employers know that retaliating against a whistleblower is illegal, they may attempt it anyway as long as they don’t fire the individual.

As such, their actions may include:

  • Harassing the whistleblower
  • Penalizing the whistleblower for erroneous or discriminatory things 
  • Refusing to provide the whistleblower with advancement opportunities
  • Canceling or denying vacation day requests
  • Reducing the working hours of the whistleblower
  • Assigning unpleasant work duties or duties that are not within the job description

If you are experiencing any of these types of retaliation, consult with our Hackensack whistleblower retaliation lawyers as soon as possible. We will investigate, help you record events, and compile witness collaborations. This evidence will make it easier for us to get you the maximum possible compensation during settlement negotiations or in court.

What to Do if You Are Suffering from Workplace Retaliation in Hackensack New Jersey

The moment you suspect any type of retaliation, the first thing you should do is start documenting it. New Jersey is a one-party consent state, which means you do not need permission from the other party in order to record a conversation. As such, you should record interactions with other employees and managers, that may involve harassment.

Furthermore, try to get documentation of the retaliation in writing. Send emails to HR and your managers, and keep copies of all responses on a non-work device you control. This evidence will be critical to winning your retaliation case.

Knowing what documentation to collect will be easier if you contact an employment attorney at NJ Employment Lawyers as soon as possible. As soon as you contact us, we will do what we can to limit further retaliation and ensure your safety in your workplace.

Becoming a Whistleblower

Part of the reason many whistleblowers suffer retaliation is that they don’t take the proper steps to protect themselves early on in the whistleblowing process. While it is admirable that you want to shine a light on unsavory or illegal practices, that doesn’t mean you should do so at your own expense.

The best way to protect yourself is to contact our law firm before you become a whistleblower. Our employment attorneys will hold anything you say in confidence, and we can direct you to resources that protect the identity of whistleblowers.

Working with a professional attorney to uncover illegal or unethical business practices provides anonymity to whistleblowers. If your identity as a whistleblower becomes public, representation by a Hackensack whistleblower retaliation attorney can preemptively protect against retaliation.

Damages in a Whistleblower Retaliation Case

Employer retaliation for whistleblowing typically involves either firing you or making your job unbearable in an attempt to force you to quit. Either way, you are out of a job, which makes you eligible for economic damages for any lost wages resulting from the retaliation. 

Because other companies in your field may be aware of your whistleblower status, they might be unwilling to hire you. Thus, the economic damages owed to you must cover years or even decades of potential lost work.

Additionally, you may also be eligible for punitive damages because the company acted illegally. By retaliating against a protected individual, your workplace may owe additional non-economic damages.

Depending on how egregious the actions of your ex-employer were, these punitive damages could be worth millions. For example, if your ex-employer intentionally ostracized you within your profession, you may get additional compensation.

An employment law lawyer from NJ Employment Lawyers will determine the approximate value of your case during your free initial consultation.

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