If you have experienced employment discrimination, are owed minimum wage, overtime pay or other compensation, are dealing with Family Medical Leave Act issues, or fear that you are not receiving fair terms in an employment contract or severance agreement within Hudson County, New Jersey, you need the skills of an experienced employment lawyer to safeguard your civil rights and help you assert the rights and protections to which you are entitled under the law. At Castronovo & McKinney, we take pride in the vigorous and innovative legal representation we provide for all of our clients.

What We Do

An employment law attorney provides legal representation and counsel when your rights as an employee or job applicant are being violated through discriminatory treatment, acts of retaliation, harassment, and other unfair and unlawful treatment. Laws and regulations on all levels of government have been enacted to protect employees from unjust and reprehensible treatment. An employment law attorney must have intimate knowledge of this legislation to review the facts surrounding your situation, analyze your claim, and fight to obtain just compensation for the damages you have suffered. He also provides counsel for contractual disputes and other issues that arise in the workplace, such as denial of your FMLA rights or overtime pay. Employment law runs the gamut, from advisement on non-litigious matters to aggressive representation in court. He arbitrates, negotiates, litigates and offers guidance.

About Castronovo & McKinney, Employment Attorneys

At Castronovo & McKinney, we are aware of the difficulties that arise and the stressful nature of filing a lawsuit against your Hudson County, NJ employer. We will explain all the contingencies surrounding this difficult decision and advise you of all available options. Our legal guidance has been instrumental in the successful resolution of employment claims and disputes for workers throughout the state. Our stellar reputation has earned us many accolades from peers and clients alike. Our inclusion in the peer nominated lists of Super Rising Stars and New Jersey Super Lawyers since 2006, and being named The Employment Law Firm of the Year two separate years by Corporate INTL demonstrates why we believe we are the right choice for your employment law needs.

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If you are seeking the counsel of a skilled Hudson County employment lawyer for any workplace-related matter in Hudson County, call on Castronovo & McKinney. We will fight passionately for you. Contact us at (973) 920-7888 for a confidential consultation.