Our Kearny Discrimination Lawyers represent employers and employees.

About NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC

NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC’s Kearny employment and discrimination attorneys can help you protect your legal rights in regards to your employment. Both the federal and state governments have enacted laws to protect employees in New Jersey. These laws are meant to protect workers against discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and breach of contract. Based on these laws, your hiring, promotion, or dismissal cannot be justified by anything more than job performance or experience.

If you feel that you have been wrongly held back, fired, or not hired based on one of these laws, it is important that you know your rights. However, it can be extremely difficult to understand your options and move forward to defend yourself. You need to hire an experienced and skilled New Jersey employment attorney who can assist and explain any claims or legal course of action. Our Kearny Discrimination Lawyers represent individuals and employees throughout the state of New Jersey.  Our firm handles cases in both State and Federal Court involving allegations of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, misclassification of independent contractors, whistleblower violations, pregnancy leave, and all other lawsuits involving NJ Employment laws.

Our Kearny discrimination lawyers specialize in the following discrimination practice areas

Gender Discrimination
Age Discrimination
Pregnancy Discrimination
Disability Discrimination
Religious Discrimination
Racial Discrimination
Sexual Orientation Discrimination

For more information about Discrimination in New Jersey please reference our discrimination FAQ page here.

Our employment attorneys also focus on the following practice areas

Workplace Harassment
Sexual Harassment
Hostile Work Environment
Unpaid Overtime
Retaliation and Whistleblower Violations
Severance Agreements
Family and Medical Leave Act
Non-Compete Agreements
Employment Agreements

The following court houses that we serve in Kearny

William Brennan Courthouse
William Brennan Courthouse
583 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306

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