You have likely heard the old adage “a good job is hard to come by”. In these challenging economic times, even a bad job is a difficult thing to acquire. Whether you are seeking employment or already working in Morristown, New Jersey, you may not want to rock the boat when you feel that you are being treated unfairly. Rest assured, that when you decide to assert your rights with the assistance of an experienced and skilled Morristown employment lawyer, your rights will be protected. At NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC, we are committed to this goal, and we have the reputation and track record to stand behind it.

About Employment Law in NJ

When you have been taken advantage of by an employer, been discriminated against, need guidance or legal counsel in employment agreement negotiations, are denied your rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act or have questions and concerns about any of a myriad of disputes and issues in the workplaces, this is where employment law rules. State and federal legislation, administrative rules and even case law, govern the business and labor interactions between employers and employees. An employment lawyer wears many hats. He is a litigator, an advisor, a negotiator, a counselor and much more, all in the effort to protect the rights of his client, resolve disputes and often obtain deserved compensation for unjust and unlawful behavior. At NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC, our team of competent and experienced employment lawyers are prepared to assist you with any of these issues for your Morristown workplace problems.

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NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC is an extremely effective and highly experienced employment law firm successfully representing job applicants and workers in Morristown and throughout the state of New Jersey. We offer you a realistic and honest assessment of your claim at your initial consultation. When you retain our services, you are assured of dedicated focus and the years of experience and knowledge we possess to effect the most advantageous outcome for your situation. Our reputation speaks for itself, with inclusion in both the New Jersey Super Lawyer and Super Lawyers Rising Star lists for the past eight years, as well as the Corporate INTL New Jersey Employment Law Firm of the Year distinction in 2010 and 2012.

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