Our New Jersey Employment Law attorneys cover a wide range of practice areas and services for individuals relating to employment and labor law. These include:

We can assist you with any of your employment law claims in the State of New Jersey.  We have the experience and reputation that will help you resolve your matter.  We will meet with you to discuss your matter in detail and determine whether we believe that you have a viable cause of action under the New Jersey Employment Laws.  These meeting can take anywhere from an hour or more in order to determine whether you have a claim that our firm would like to pursue on your behalf.  In the event that we are interested in pursuing your claim, we provide you with a retainer agreement.  We offer our services on a contingent fee basis, hourly basis or blended rate basis depending on the type and size of your claim.  Our employment attorneys will walk you through the various types of retainers and will select the one that fits your needs the best.

The litigation process of New Jersey Employment Law claims requires the filing of a complaint or a demand for arbitration (in the event that you executed an enforceable arbitration agreement).  After the Defendant(s) file an Answer to the Complaint, the discovery process will begin.  The discovery process is where the parties learn about the other side’s case.  We will serve and respond to interrogatories and document requests.  We will send notices or subpoenas for all witnesses that have relevant information regarding your claim.  The Defendant(s) will do the same and will notice your deposition and any other witnesses that they believe need to be deposed.  We can also send subpoenas to third parties to obtain information that we believe may be relevant.