New Jersey Racial Discrimination Lawyer

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Racial & National Origin Discrimination

There are many different areas and situations where you are protected from discriminatory treatment. As a New Jersey employee, you may not be discriminated against due to your race or color. If you are terminated, denied employment, harassed, paid less, or fail to receive a deserved promotion because of your race, then you may be the target of race discrimination. In the state of New Jersey, this type of inequitable treatment is illegal. If you believe you have been the victim of race discrimination at your place of employment NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC’s skilled New Jersey racial discrimination lawyers can help you pursue your legal options and remedies.

Sometimes employment race discrimination is expressed in subtle manner and is more difficult to recognize. Perhaps you are a sales person and you are consistently assigned the worst territories. Maybe other employees are offered training and advancement opportunities that are not offered to you. You might consistently be assigned the worst shifts and be given more menial tasks than your co-workers. If this treatment is due to your race and workers of a different race are treated differently or given preferential treatment, you may have a claim for race discrimination.

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination also protects you from racial discrimination if you’re a student or potential student. It is illegal for a school to deny you enrollment or admission based solely on your color or race, with the exception of religious educational facilities. And, if you are already a student, the institution may not treat you disproportionately due to these characteristics. Additionally, if you are being bullied or harassed in school by the instructors or other students because of your race, the school is responsible for taking action to stop the behavior.

You are also afforded protection from race discrimination in a variety of other scenarios. Public accommodations, such as stores, restaurants, banks, gyms, state agencies, public transportation and the like may not refuse you service, harass you or treat you less favorably because of your race. Nor may they charge you more or set their standards or requirements higher for you due to race. When renting or buying property or land, you have the right to be treated the same as others and may not be subjected to different terms and criteria based on race or color. Landlords may not charge a higher rent or security deposit, nor may they require a longer or shorter rental term. Mortgage and banks may not discriminate based on race or color either.

If you experience race discrimination, you can file a complaint with the Division on Civil Rights office under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and seek remedies for the offense. Alternatively, you may file a complaint and bring suit in the New Jersey Superior Court. There are time constraints for both of these options and specific procedures that must be followed. A knowledgeable New Jersey Racial Discrimination attorney at the Law Offices of NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC, experienced in race discrimination issues, can help you review your options and choose the best path. Contact our office today for help with your case.