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If you are the victim of sexual orientation discrimination on the job in New Jersey, you need to know that you don’t have to stand for this adverse treatment. Not only is it unjust, it is unlawful. At NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC, we are avid in our protection of employees’ rights in the workplace, and we will stand by your side, defending your right to fair and equal treatment and the dignity you deserve.

About Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Sexual orientation discrimination is the unfair treatment of job applicants and employees based solely on your sexual orientation. This includes being passed over for a job for which you are qualified, termination, harassment, intimidation, unequal pay and other unfavorable behavior that displays a bias against you. Legal protections exist on the state and federal level. In New Jersey, this protection extends to heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, androgynes, transvestites, and transgender individuals. This covers those who express or identify with a gender through either internal or external means. This may include the individual’s manner of dress, hairstyle, voice inflection, attire and body characteristics.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination Law in New Jersey

New Jersey is aggressive in its laws protecting employees and job candidates from discriminatory treatment and actions. State legislation, called the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination bans this behavior against individuals due to their sexual orientation and gender identity. This applies whether the target is confirmed as a member of a protected class or the employer simply perceives this to be so. NJLAD allows you to seek compensation for lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

About NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC, Employment Attorneys

It’s often difficult to ascertain whether you have suffered sexual orientation discrimination from a legal standpoint. The skills of a knowledgeable and experienced NJ Employment Discrimination lawyer can help you make this important determination. The lawyers at NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC are prepared to assist you with integrity, compassion and dedication. Our firm works diligently to safeguard the civil rights of employees throughout the state. We are accomplished trial attorneys who get results both in and out of the administrative and civil courts.

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