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Religion can be a sensitive subject, and people of different faiths aren’t always treated equally and fairly. This conduct is not acceptable at your place of business. Under federal and state law, discrimination based on your religion is unlawful. This holds true whether you are applying for a job or already working. At NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC, our religious discrimination attorneys are ready to step in when your employer fails to adhere to the law. We are skilled at dealing with this delicate matter for employees throughout New Jersey.

Religious Discrimination in NJ

Your employer may neither offer you more favorable work conditions, nor treat you adversely, due to your religious beliefs or affiliations. This includes all employment-related actions from hiring to firing. Your employer is also required to make reasonable accommodations for its employees’ religious beliefs. This may involve an accommodating dress code, religious holidays off and consent to observe scheduled prayer times. An exception to this policy is allowed if these accommodations would cause undue hardship on your employer through prohibitive cost, workplace safety violations, decreased efficiency and the like.

Religious Discrimination Laws

In New Jersey, the Law Against Discrimination protects employees from discrimination based on religious beliefs or creed. You are afforded legal protections under this state law if you belong to any of the following categories: a particular religious faith; a member of a place of worship; you have any type of relationship with a person belonging to a specific faith; you’re an atheist; or there is a perception that you belong to a specific religion, whether this is true or not. Though you are also protected if you have a strong ethical or moral set of beliefs that you sincerely view as comparable to traditional religious tenets, political and social viewpoints do not apply. Potential employers may not ask job applicants what religion they belong to, or question the applicant’s affiliation with or attendance at any place of worship. Religious organizations and affiliations are exempt from these legal constraints.

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NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC brings years of experience in the area of employment law to your religious discrimination claim. Whether you have experienced adverse treatment by your employer or are dealing with a hostile work environment due to your religious beliefs, our skilled attorneys can help. We will vigorously advocate for you to obtain the justice you deserve.

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