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Did you recently bring up harassment or discrimination complaints with your employer? Maybe you filed a legal claim regarding the situation. How have things been at work since then? Do you feel like you’re being punished or poorly treated as retaliation? Have you been demoted or even fired? Retaliation law is one of the legal areas in which the New Jersey employment lawyers at NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC specialize.

Retaliation Laws in New Jersey

When you file a legal claim or discuss a complaint regarding harassment, discrimination, illegal acts, or deceitful activities in the workplace, you are protected as are your co-workers for supporting your claim. By law, you are not allowed to be treated unfairly in retaliation. This includes many types of retaliatory activity, such as demotions, receiving negative performance reviews for no justifiable reason, reassigning you to more difficult job tasks, denying you administrative support, declining pay raises, and excluding you from meetings. Your employer, also, cannot fire you as a form of fighting back.

New Jersey Whistleblower Laws

According to New Jersey employment law, your employer may not punish you or terminate your employment for whistleblowing or any other involvement in workplace complaints or investigations. Federal laws, such as the Whistle Blower Act for federal employees and the False Claims Act for non-government employees, protect individuals from retaliation in response to reporting dishonest or illegal activities in the workplace. In addition, New Jersey has state-level whistleblower laws to protect public and private employees. The Conscientious Employee Protect Act (CEPA) prohibits your employer from retaliating against you because you report or disclose information about his criminal or fraudulent actions. You are also protected if you refuse to participate in these types of activity, or report another employer who has a business relationship with your boss. New Jersey recognizes common law protection against workplace retaliation as well, known as a Pierce claim. Pierce claims are closely related to CEPA violations. Experienced New Jersey retaliation law attorneys, like those at NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC, can help you determine which law best meets your specific situation.

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There are very specific rules for applying the various laws regarding retaliation and whistle-blower law. It is advisable to contact an experienced New Jersey employment attorney knowledgeable of federal and state regulations to help you navigate these complex retaliation laws. If you believe you have experienced illegal workplace retaliation, contact NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC. Our New Jersey Retaliation Attorney will investigate thoroughly to determine if you have a claim and assist you in aggressively pursuing legal remedies.