New Jersey Non-Compete Agreement Lawyer

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NJ Employment Lawyers can assist you with your non-compete agreement.

Have you been offered a non-compete agreement?  Are you looking to determine whether your contract is enforceable in New Jersey?  If so, our employment attorneys can assist you with the review, negotiation, revision or legal advice regarding your agreement.  We have reviewed and negotiated hundreds of New Jersey non-compete agreements.

Non-compete agreements in New Jersey are often times referred to as restrictive covenants. The law requires that they be limited in geographic scope, duration and protects the legitimate interests of the company.  The court may not enforce a non-compete agreement if it does not meet these criteria.  Our attorneys can meet with you to discuss your specific needs regarding your agreement and determine whether we believe that it would be enforceable in a court of law in New Jersey.  We will also discuss your options regarding how to proceed with the non-compete.  For example, you may have been offered a job to go and work for another company.  Your current employer required that you sign a non-compete when you began working for them.  You may be able to negotiate with your employer prior to leaving the company to reduce the impact of the agreement.  If that does not work, you could file a declaratory judgment action with the court to determine that the agreement is not enforceable.

Your non-compete agreement could prevent you from working in your field for two years.  It is essential to try and negotiate your agreement before, during or after your employment.  It is one of the most burdensome documents that employees sign and has a major impact on your ability to earn a living and support your family.

Please contact one of our NJ lawyers to discuss your potential claim. We provide free consultations and can advice you on what services we would recommend regarding your non-compete agreement in New Jersey.