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Secure your rights and future by contacting the New Jersey law firm of Castronovo & McKinney for all your employment agreement needs. The world of employment law extends beyond workplace discrimination and harassment lawsuits, but also encompasses severance agreements, non-compete agreements, executive compensation, employment negotiations and other employment-related contracts.

The legal counsel offered to employers by Castronovo & McKinney for contract law and negotiations has proven invaluable to the businesses of New Jersey. Likewise, if you have been asked to sign an agreement by your employer, the experienced attorneys at Castronovo & McKinney can assist you with reviewing the terms of your contract and negotiating on your behalf when necessary.

Employment Agreements in N.J.

The truth of employment agreements is that they are complex and often full of legal jargon that is incomprehensible by the general public. They are oftentimes full of landmines, sometimes complex tax ramifications, and unrealized obligations. Discussing your severance agreement or other employee-related contracts with an employment law attorney is vital to ensuring full comprehension of what is being proposed – and what you are obligating yourself to – before signing on the dotted line.

About New Jersey Employment

New Jersey’s labor force is expected to grow by 5.3% by 2020. These projected gains in employment are predicted to fuel population and economic growth over the coming decades. The clear and present need for legal counsel regarding employment contract law will continue to expand, as the uptick in economic development and complex employment law agreements continue to evolve. Castronovo & McKinney will continue to address these concerns, as well as workplace harassment, discrimination, and hostile work environment cases.

Castronovo & McKinney

The law firm of Castronovo & McKinney is proud to hold New Jersey’s Employment Law Firm of the Year award for 2010 and 2012. Located in Morristown, New Jersey, their expert legal team continues to aggressively pursue workplace harassment, discriminatory, and retaliatory grievances, as well as employment contract law and employee negotiations. Their continued dedication to the residents of New Jersey and impressive results are why Castronovo & McKinney have remained Super Lawyer Rising Stars from 2006-2013.

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Why leave the fine print up to chance? Contact us today for a comprehensive review of your pending employment agreements. Ensure your rights are protected by fully understanding the documents presented to you, as well as potential negotiations and/or actions which may be taken. Castronovo & McKinney is located at 71 Maple Avenue in Morristown, New Jersey. You may contact our New Jersey employment attorney by calling (973)920-7888.