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Important Benefits of Hiring a Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney

By Tom McKinney
NJ Employment Attorney

If you are a victim of workplace sexual harassment, you are not alone. Although being the recipient of such illegal and troubling behavior can leave you feeling isolated, there are people and resources available to help you recover from your ordeal and obtain justice. One of these individuals is your workplace sexual harassment attorney.

Neither the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office nor the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires you to have an attorney before filing a claim. Nor must you retain legal counsel before filing a lawsuit against your harasser or your workplace. 

Nonetheless, hiring a workplace sexual harassment lawyer can provide you with significant benefits.

Your Attorney Knows Substantive and Procedural Law

A qualified New Jersey sexual harassment lawyer will be familiar with the laws that prohibit sexual harassment and the procedures for obtaining relief under those laws. An attorney can save you from pursuing meritless claims or wasting precious time trying to learn the procedures for filing sexual harassment claims and lawsuits.

All of this substantive and procedural law works to save you time in obtaining relief and redress for the harassment you suffered. It can also alleviate the stress and anxiety that comes from having to learn this information for yourself at a time when the stress of your harassment is still a fresh experience for you.

Your Attorney Represents You and Speaks for You

Talking about the harassment you experienced can be difficult, and you may need to relay the details of the incident several times, both orally and in writing. If the details of your harassment are particularly egregious, there may be media inquiries as well. These can further compound your mental distress.

Your sexual harassment attorney can speak on your behalf when necessary and do so in a persuasive manner. Your lawyer will also be able to handle any media inquiries that may come. Finally, your attorney can advocate for your interests and give you a voice during settlement or negotiation sessions.

Your Attorney Can Help Investigate Your Claim

If a lawsuit becomes necessary, it is your responsibility to prove that you experienced sexual harassment. This often requires you to assemble evidence and witnesses who can corroborate your claims and back up your version of events. Obtaining this evidence and securing the statements of witnesses can be challenging.

Your skilled sexual harassment attorney will be familiar with the legal tools available to collect and preserve critical evidence and testimony. Taking this critical step quickly is essential to ensuring your lawsuit has the best opportunity for succeeding if a trial becomes necessary.

Your Attorney Advises You on Realistic Goals and Outcomes

Finally, it can be helpful to have a seasoned and objective voice as you consider what outcome you would like your sexual harassment claim to achieve. It can be difficult to know what resolution is possible or reasonable; however, having seen numerous sexual harassment cases, your attorney can help manage your expectations.

This experience can be especially helpful during negotiation sessions, wherein your employer may offer a settlement. Your attorney can advise you on the benefits and drawbacks of the settlement offer. This, in turn, helps you make a more informed decision about how to handle your harassment claim.

When to Contact a New Jersey Employment Lawyer

The sooner you retain the services of a New Jersey sexual harassment lawyer, the more quickly you can begin reaping these and other benefits of having representation. Contact NJ Employment Lawyers, LLC if you believe you are the victim of sexual harassment. Allow us to help you pursue justice and a favorable outcome.

About the Author
Tom McKinney is a skilled employment law attorney with New Jersey Employment Lawyers LLC. He has a track record of success in all areas of employment law, including sexual harassment, discrimination, harassment, wrongful discharge, whistleblower claims and hostile work environment claims. Besides litigation, Tom handles severance agreements and severance package reviews/negotiations for over 100 people each year. If you have any questions regarding this blog, contact Tom here.