Jefferies Severance Agreement – Jefferies Layoff

Did you work for Jefferies and have been offered a Jefferies severance package as a result of a reduction-in-force or layoff?  You should contact an experienced employment lawyer to work with you to review the severance package and to determine whether Jefferies has provided with you the proper amount of severance and to determine what other severance benefits you would be entitled to receive.  You may also be asked by Jefferies to enter into a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement in order to receive the severance package.

Our severance lawyers will work with you to help obtain the best possible results with Jefferies so that you can support you and your family while you search for alternate employment.  A reduction-in-force or layoff is a scary situation.  Jefferies has lawyers working on its behalf to make sure that it is protected from any claims in the future.  On of the main purposes of the severance agreement is to make sure that Jefferies is protected from any lawsuits by having you sign a release of all claims against Jefferies in return for the severance being offered.

We will meet with you and analyze any potential claims that you may have against Jefferies and determine whether the company has violated any of the applicable employment laws.  This will consist of a thorough review of your situation, the stated reasons for your termination or selection to be included in the reduction-in-force, try to determine what are the real reasons that you were selected and to inform you whether we believe that you will have a potential claim against Jefferies or leverage to try and negotiate an enhanced severance package.

Please contact our experienced severance lawyers to assist you in the review and negotiation of you severance package from Jefferies.  We offer free consultations to determine what type of services that our firm can offer you regarding your termination from Jefferies.